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About Solvos & how we spend money raised

Solvos is an international social enterprise which works with global partners to solve planet earth's biggest problems. We recognise that to fix large scale problems such as climate change, species extinction, global conflict and food and water security that we need to create a safer, healthier, more socially equal planet. 

100% of all Solvos profits are used to help to repair planet earth. 80% of profits are distributed to our partners, 10% is used to fund new Solvos 'Earth Repair' initiatives and the final 10% is donated to small scale community projects around the world.   

Mountains Meet Lake

‘Solvos: Creating a healthier, fairer and more sustainable future, one search at a time ‘


Our Mission

We want to help to solve planet earth's biggest problems. We believe that we can work together with global organisations and individuals to fix large scale problems such as climate change, global conflict and food and water security.


We all need to vote with our hearts and minds and choose which side of history we are on. 


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Our Vision

We believe that together we can repair the earth.

There is rather a lot to do, so let's get going.