Become an Earth Repair Ambassador

Your business, group, school or other organisation can make a positive contribution towards creating a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world by becoming an

'Earth Repair Ambassador'.  

By making a donation of £200, you'll be an official Solvos Earth Repair Ambassador and will help us to plant more trees, clean up more plastic, support more vulnerable people, and protect more wildlife and land around the world.


You will also be supporting our ambitious project to create our very own fully functioning search engine which will raise significant money for global projects. 

Happy Family in Nature

Solvos shouts loudly from the rooftops about all ambassadors with press releases in the traditional physical press and with multiple posts on platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course on our own Solvos network. We are confident that as well as helping the world to be a better place that you will gain more coverage than you would if you spent the equivalent money on an advert. Finally, you will be able to display a digital 'Earth Repair ambassador ' logo on any of your own digital platforms or printed documents. 



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