Pay your bill, repair the earth

Solvos distributes earth repair bill payments to our global partners to plant trees, clean up ocean plastic, provide care packages to vulnerable people, pay for rooms for homeless people, provide emergency medical care in crisis zones and to protect and purchase ecologically important land. A small percentage of Earth Repair payments fund the creation of a fully functioning search engine that will raise significant amounts of money globally to help to solve the planets biggest issues. 

You can make a direct transfer to our bank account: Green Phoenix / Sort code: 089299 / Account number: 65447721
International bank account number: GB02 CPBK 0892 9965 4477 21 or securely on this page

Pay your earth repair bill


Solvos is an international social enterprise which works with global partners to solve planet earth's biggest problems. 


Phone: 07805 618 595 

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